Why you never leave high school

1. His initial story about his high school reunion- all those reading this most likely have either experienced high school or are experiencing it and will relate to his anecdote

2.  “Most American high schools are almost sadistically unhealthy places to send adolescents”- after delivering scientific information, he relays the summation of the part of the essay with this quote- definitely an attention grabber

3. “In fact, one of the reasons that high schools may produce such peculiar value systems is precisely because the people there have little in common, except their ages.”- I never thought of that!

4.The statistics regarding reciprocal friendships definitely makes the reader think. I know that I actually thought back to high school and thought if any of my friends would not have reciprocated my friendship. oh the stresses of high school

5. It really never occurred to me how we don’t have any real connection or relation tothe people we went to high school with. They really are only people that are the same age as me… that’s it. the stress of this fact really makes you interested and you want to keep reading to find out more information


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