Consider the Lobster Response 11/11

I think Davd Foster Wallace really succeeded in, first off, drawing the reader in. He uses a form of writing that almost seems colloquial, yet he is very knowledgeable on the topic. He adds in quips to amuse the reader and, I feel, make them feel more comfortable and not as if they are reading a massive text book entry about lobsters. He also is providing the reader with a breadth of knowledge from the history of lobsters, to its cooking method, then he segues into the Maine Lobster Festivals and his ideas on the matter. This is what I think is most important. His final point is relating to the near torture of these animals and he compares it to ancient forms of human torture. He is trying to, in a way, stand up for these lobsters and to show the reader that why is this torture of an organic being any different than the torture of another. He spends the whole time teaching the reader about lobsters, making readers care about something I’m sure most didn’t care about before, then expresses his idea that they are being treated unfairly. I think this is genius. If he were to come out, right at the beginning of the article yelling about lobster cruelity I think many people would leave the page. It would be ridiculous, as he says “PETA-like screed.” He makes you care about something so unnoticed to most people and then explains his opinion. I think if more upset people were to address a problem in this manner, then they would garner much more respect and belief in their argument.  

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