Reaction to Longform essay

To be honest, the beginning of the essay was not overly strong to me. It was a brief anecdote and then a string of mentioning sources discussing the matter. Her point did not become overly clear to me until the third page. I actually read the conclusion to understand where she was going with her essay. What did initially draw me in was the connection to Mean Girls and the question, Why Does the Media Love Mean Girls? I was intrigued by this and wanted to read more. Although the beginning, in my opinion, was not strong, I found the last half of the essay interesting. Her point was how all of the work put into fighting bullying and teen girl anger has merely resulted in a further demonization of the “mean girl” really surprised me. It was something I never thought about and now, after reading the essay, I believe to be true. Mean Girls is the perfect example of how the Queen Bee, Regina George, is not explored in regards to her personal life and why she has become the way she is, and instead immediately garnered the evil one. I found that point to be very valuable to readers of this essay.  

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