Shirky Ch 6 and 7

The first step to using collaboration to make value is to “focus on culture before tools.” This segment discusses ditching formality in a collaborative setting to encourage everyone to work together, rather than have people work for or under each other. This is especially important to our group project because we have no need for a “boss” or a “captain.” The project focuses on working together to find cool places to eat in Philadelphia. If we strip the collaborative aspect from our group, our project would also lose its collaborative feel. We are such a small group, we hardly have room for formal roles anyway. Nothing can get done for us unless we all participate equally, and a setting that includes bosses and captains restrains us from viewing each other as equals.

Chapter Six focuses heavily on the way one person’s actions can affect another and the various outcomes that can be caused by the domino effect. In the book we read of a priest molesting little children and how a higher figure above him knew of the horror, yet did not do much about it. He rather just moved the priest around to cover up all the wrongs he had done. This issue went on for a while, and relates to group work too. This example shows us how if one of us is doing wrong we can just let them get away with it and bounce them from different aspects of the project to another. We would be better off talking to them first or having it brought up to a higher authority than let it simmer and accomplish nothing.

Chapter Seven also comments on how, despite being a small group of four, we still have the power to gain popularity and collaborative power through the means of social media. This chapter discussed how, due to the increase in social media and a means to collaboration, people can form coalitions in an extremely easy manner. Simply a text or a message online is now capable or inciting mass protests or a political movement. Although our group project is not aiming to create a collaborative group to incite an action, this chapter helped me understand how actually possible it was. Even though there is only four of us, we have the capabilities to create a political movement or large scale event, simply because of our ability to text, comment, and discuss our opinions on social media.  

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